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     Tree House is a collective of skilled and experienced, Landscape Architects, Designers, 3D Modeling technicians, CGI Artists, and more. Our passion is to create beautifully curated spaces that connect people with nature. We passionately combine exquisite design, technical experience, plant knowledge and visual arts to create landscape and hardscape design proposals that are technically accurate, visually appealing, beautifully rendered, and truly unforgettable.

      After many years with our boots on the ground, we decided to implement a business model driven by technology and efficiency, whilst not compromising our creative visions. We can reach you remotely anywhere in the world through satellite images, Geo-Localization, drones scans, videos, photos.

     We have successfully designed projects in 50 US states and dozens of foreign countries such as England, Ireland, France, Brazil, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Arab Emirates, Italy, Canada, Australia, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica and China.

    Our strength and uniqueness shines the through diversity of our team. Tree House is a global network with collaborators working remotely all over the world. 

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